Catch the Fair One

Catch the Fair One ★★★½

Best known for his work on the Netflix series Narcos, Josef Kubota Wladyke's written and directed Catch the Fair One lands with some immediate and relentless brutality. Following the plight of a one-time boxer called Kaylee (Kali Reis ), the movie shines a spotlight on the sex trafficking of Native American women after she freely enters a sex ring to locate her missing younger sister. 

While there are some similar revenge-thriller plot beats with Liam Neeson's Taken, Wladyka wisely concentrates on retaining a grounded and raw narrative throughout. Reis blends brilliantly with her director, providing an extraordinary performance characterised by tightly twisted turmoil and tangible guilt. The use of locations matches the film's gloomy tone, with cinematographer Ross Giardina employing wide shots of wintery terrain to demonstrate the isolation that Kaylee is feeling. Although heartbreaking, Catch the Fair One is a well-constructed drama about distress and trauma.