Moonlight ★★★★★

“In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue, That’s What I’m Gon’ Call You”

A24…..I Love You With All My Heart💗💗💗

Moonlight Is One Of, If The Not The Most Beautiful Film Ever Made, With It’s Life Lessons And Honestly Going Into This Film, I Sorta Didn’t Think I Would Like This Movie As Other People Do And This Is Probably My Favorite Movies From The 2010’s (3 Way Tie Between Moonlight, Drive, And Good Time)

Just The Acting And The Story Was Just To Real And So Compellin, Movies Don’t Make Me Cry That Much, But I Shed So Many Tears Watching This Film.

Just Chiron’s Journey Through Life, Trying To Balance His Sexuality And Life Between One And Another, His Mom Was Terrible, But Naomie Harris Did A Great Job With Her Role.

I Find This Movie To Connect With Me And Just Find The Film So Personally And Before You Ask, My Mother Is Great To Me And She Still Is But I Was Bullied A lot In Middle School With Similar Bullies That Chiron Had, And In Middle School I Had Trouble Trying To Find My Sexuality And I Just Find The Film To Be So Realistic To Me And Many Others.

Really My Favorite Part About This Film Is It Determines Sexualities In So Real Way Compared To Other Homosexual Films That I Love This Movie So Much For Being Real And Those Time Jumps In This Movie Man😮‍💨😮‍💨.

FINAL VERDICT OF THE FILM: A24 I Love With All My Heart, I Love You Moonlight, And I Love You Chiron.

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