• Friday the 13th Part III

    Friday the 13th Part III


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #27 |

    Checklist: Set in the woods (1/1) | Total 27/27 (complete!) |

    The third installment of Friday the 13th feels a noticeable step down in quality. The main selling point during its theatrical run was the 3D, which when watching this at home isn't really relevant. The attempts at adding 3D effects feel a bit to obvious and on the nose in their execution to ever really work, and as a result the kills are…

  • Bad Taste

    Bad Taste


    Peter Jackson's directorial debut is a fascinating oddity. Watching this, you could never imagine the creator of this immensely trashy alien schlockfest would eventually be responsible for one of the most prestigious mainstream trilogies to ever exist (I'm not a fan of the LOTR films but I feel that is an accurate description of how they are perceived by the general public).

    It feels like a student film in the sense that it's unabashedly amateur in its presentation, where everyone…

  • The Scooby-Doo Project

    The Scooby-Doo Project


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #26 |

    Checklist: Bonus Film (3/3) | Total 26/27 |

    It's fascinating that something like this exists, but it doesn't really serve as much other than a satirical marketing gimmick for both franchises. It originally played as a series clips between ad breaks for Cartoon Networks Scooby Doo marathon, which I mean is great marketing that i'm sure was very successful in maintaining viewers. The live action camera perspective with the animated characters integrated into world,…

  • The Wolf Man

    The Wolf Man


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #25 |

    Checklist: 40s (Decade 9/9) | Total 25/27 |

    The early universal take on The Wolf Man feels a little too tame and dramaticized to work for todays standards. The performances come off as a little to wooden and the set-up takes far to long to get going. The transformation sequence, although impressive for the early 40s and incredibly influential on later imitations, feels a little too simple for today.

  • The Amityville Horror

    The Amityville Horror


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #24 |

    Checklist: Haunted House | Total 24/27 |

    The strange thing about The Amityville Horror it is an hilariously bad film that seems to have had a strong influence on some of the most memorable haunted house films moving forward. Although it seems to be trying to capitalise off of the success of The Exorcist (1973), some of the imagery reminded me heavily of aspects of The Shining (1980) and Poltergeist (1982), which I feel…

  • Memoirs of an Invisible Man

    Memoirs of an Invisible Man


    Going through Carpenter's films in chronological order, this is definitely the first one where I get the vibe 'this doesn't seem to have turned out as intended'. Still I would watch this any day over his action films like Escape From New York or Big Trouble in Little China, because those films just bore me to tears. With this, Chevy Chase has a level of charisma as the invisible man that helps keep things lively and relatively comedic. Sam Neil…

  • Dark Night of the Scarecrow

    Dark Night of the Scarecrow


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #23 |

    Checklist: 1981 (4/4) | Total 23/27 |

    A relatively well executed concept for a revenge film with slasher elements mixed in. The people getting killed are set up as unforgivably horrible people fuelled by bigotry, which allows for things to get fun when they start getting killed off. It's rare for a horror film to approach itself in a way where you root for the killer, but this film pulls it off fairly successfully.…

  • Alison's Birthday

    Alison's Birthday


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #22 |

    Checklist: Folk Horror (2/2) | 1981 (3/4) | Total 22/27 |

    Not too bad for a straight to TV production. The elements of folk horror work surprisingly well and the concept itself is quite disturbing in the way it's grounded into a socially identifiable reality. It's one of those Australian films that I don't think would travel well due to the social atmosphere being what seems to work most about it, which might be…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #21 |

    Checklist: 30s (decade 8/9) | Total 21/27 |

    As someone not familiar with the source material (I have a physical copy of the novel, but just haven't read it yet) it was fascinating to see how different this version is compared to last years more contemporary adaptation, which takes a much darker angle in its approach. It still think this version is pretty good, especially considering how impressive the invisible effects would have been…

  • The Skull

    The Skull


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #20 |

    Checklist: Bonus film (2/3) | Total 20/27 |

    I really liked this one. Has a great sense of atmosphere combined with some pretty awesome set design and some creative cinematography for the mid 60s. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee bring to life some quality performances here that help capture just the right tone needed for this film to work. It has that cozy horror quality that suits the halloween season perfectly well, so i'm…

  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death

    The Man Who Could Cheat Death


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #19 |

    Checklist: Hammer Film (2/2) | Total 19/27 |

    A surprisingly solid Hammer Production, approached as a morale tale around the implausibility of immortality in the vein of something like Frankenstein, but where the monster is self inflicted. It still has the cheap set design of a hammer film, but I didn't find it to take a way from the experience too much as it's approached in a way that kind of works ok as…

  • Def by Temptation

    Def by Temptation


    Hooptober 8.0 | Film #18 |

    Checklist: A person of color as director or lead (3/3) | Total 18/27 |

    Despite some quality practical effects, I didn't feel this film had a lot going for it. The production value is pretty low, there's an enormous amount of filler, and the performances are pretty bad too. There's a rawness to the atmosphere that can make for a unique kind of horror, but it feels lacking in the qualities to function at it's fullest potential.