Shrew's Nest

Shrew's Nest ★★★★

Browsing Shudder on day 6 of a horror movie a day for October and I landed on this mostly because Alex de la Iglesia's name was attached to it. He didn't direct this, but if you haven't seen some of the stuff his name is on like Witching and Bitching or Errementari, seek those out after reading this review!

Shrew's Nest was a dope, pleasant (lol) surprise of a Spanish gothic horror. It checked a lot of boxes if you are into gothic horror and the fact that it was Spanish (the country) and mostly set in a single apartment was a nice change of setting. The lead character in this is agoraphobic and she plays the part extremely well. Not only can she not go outside, but the apartment takes on an oppressive nature as does the incredible amount of Catholic iconograpy, statues, etc. There are obviously religious overtones to the movie with Catholic guilt, shame, and the oppressive patriarchy being the main themes I got from it, but all that seemed just like a way to fully flesh out the world and characters in 1950s Spain. Once the story fully fleshes out it doesn't end up being a religion is bad kind of movie. Know that the overall story ends up being pretty disturbing and you do get some truly awesome gore and brutality in the later half of the movie but I don't want to say much more about the story itself. It's kind of gut-punchy though. Shit, maybe that's saying too much. My bad.

The movie isn't scary at all so if you're looking for that you won't find it here. The real horror lies in the lead character's head and the story itself. Definitely a recommend if any of this sounds like it takes a left turn right up your alley sin frenos.

Watched on Shudder.

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