Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Can’t believe none the reviews I’ve seen of this mention the African elephants inexplicably charging through the Papua New Guinea countryside at one point 😮

“Goddamn frigging sonofabitch! Goddammit!” I wonder how this sounded in the original Italian... I love a creative swear 🤬

Virus, Night of the Zombies, Hell of the Living Dead or Zombie Creeping flesh? 

A film with that many titles just has to be good doesn’t it?

The highly skilled SAS/SWAT team are a hoot! 
I know I’d feel totally safe with those consummate professionals on the case. 

Most of the zombies walk like they have something stuck up their arses. 

The small boy is the best actor and the scariest thing in the film.

Having said that, Franco Garofalo is a lunatic genius!
Showing no fear and even less sense, he dances amongst the zombies, willy-nilly, insulting them all the time. 

Goddam bastards! You fuckinturds! Fuck off!” 

At least he actually has the sense to shoot them in the head - which is no secret but the rest of the crack marksmen seem to forget or ignore. 

None of the professionals have any sense of urgency or seriousness - even when cameraman guy is screaming at them that he can’t hold them any longer... they stand at the other end of the room and just watch him struggling. 

One hotshot totally forgets the threat and starts playing dress up when searching the house!
Then when the inevitable happens and he gets crept up on... he doesn’t raise a hand to defend himself and promptly dies to pieces. 

Insanity but thoroughly entertaining.

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