Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★

Raise you hand if you spent Christmas morning away from all the noise and chaos of family get-togethers by cuddling up with your cat on the recliner watching Slaughter High! Woo!

Silliness aside...wait, no, let's bring the silliness back. Slaughter High is a pretty silly movie. That's what makes it enjoyable! I was pretty unaware that there might be a whole "high school reunion slasher" sub-genre but considering how this film is virtually identical to The Redeemer: Son of Satan! it would appear that there is a formula. Or is it just these two movies and that recent homage film? Let me know.

I ask because I dug this movie. It didn't have the super weird surrealist aspects of The Redeemer, but it up'd the gore factor and the fun of the kills significantly. The whole purpose of the movie really is just to come up with creative ways to kill horrible people. Typical slasher trope, I know, but that's a small piece about why slasher movies are my favorite horror sub-genre. This film is very creative in how it dispatches its denizens. It's also kind of unique for being a mid-80s slasher that gets the audience to kind of root for the killer not by tapping into our secret psychosis and sociopathy but rather by making the killer truly a sympathetic character.

The acting is a little rough and the cinematography is less than inspired, it also opts for "natural lighting" which makes it a complete bitch/impossible to see what going on during some scenes, but it has a good pace that doesn't really lag and the inventiveness makes it more than adequately enjoyable. My big beef with the film is the ending, though. I wonder if in 1986 this was a unique and clever ending that hadn't been done so frequently as to illicit slight groans.

Extremely minor film in the pantheon but enjoyable and successful in its minor pursuits.

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