Scream ★★★½

The meta bent to this entry of the franchise is the requel. It’s a very fun and entertaining film that captures the spirit of Scream while crafting its own path. Radio Silence bring a sense of pure brutality to the proceedings that really make the film have some crunch to it. It relies a bit too hard on the meta end which is weird to say about a Scream film but there’s a line and this one crosses it and that holds my rating back a half star. 

The film also makes a glaring omission in its overall thesis and that is by not realizing that Scream 4 was possibly the first requel. In that film they focused on remakes but it itself was a sequel. It’s one of the best requels that was ahead of the game and now this film is coming on the heels of the movement 4 started. But what the subgenre has become the film captures perfectly and has plenty of fun with it. 

A good entry into the franchise. I’m not sure if I want it to continue in this vein but rather this be an event series. Each this a new horror style arrives May it bring with it a Scream film.

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