Death Note

Death Note ½

Coming off of my Death Note rewatch I decided to give this a chance even though I know it would be terrible. But WOW I was not expecting it to be this bad. I really tried to give this movie a chance as I understand it was not meant to be an exact retelling of the original. 

It really stripped everything that made the original characters and story memorable. I think the aspect that pisses me off the most was changing the motivation for each character and adding unnecessary plot points that were not in the story. However, even if the story is loosely (and I mean loosely) based off of the original work - the film as a stand-alone is forgettable and all over the place. 

I hate how much Light’s character was changed and morphed into something that does not even show the slightest hint of what made him such a great and compelling antagonist in both anime and manga. The addition of the original character Mia was also a bad decision and a feeble attempt in trying to make Death Note an edgy high school movie.

On a brighter note, the casting of both L and Ryuk were great, but their talents were wasted on a movie like this. 

This movie is just another example of how anime and manga should be left simply as that with no need for any live action renditions.

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