• The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn't Kill

    The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn't Kill


    An elite assassin who has been ordered not to kill anyone while on hiatus runs into trouble when trying to help a girl who lost the use of her legs due to one of his hits gone wrong.

    I decided to skip the original and check this sequel out because I've heard a lot about how epic the action is in this one and while it starts strong with a car chase where the hero is steering a car from…

  • Benedetta



    A naturally gifted girl joins a convent where she performs miracles, sees visions of Christ and has lustful thoughts towards one of her sisters.

    Verhoeven decided Passion of the Christ was not campy or sexy enough and took it upon himself to make sure we wouldn't miss out with this bonkers slice of cinema.
    This is an unapologetically over the top telling of a girl wanting to be a martyr and live her best life in a monastery. It never…

  • American Rickshaw

    American Rickshaw


    An American rickshaw runner finds out he is being filmed for a secret sex tape and becomes the lead suspect in the murder of a famous preachers son. Luckily he once helped an old lady get home in the rain and she will always be there to look after him, even if he can't be bothered reading her letters.

    This is a wild ride! The idea of a rickshaw taxi service is lunacy itself, that seems like an awful job…

  • Tenebre



    A writer is being stalked and the woman in his life are being murdered in ways based on his latest book.

    This is top tier Argento for me, the look, the cast and the score all make for one of the best Giallo films I've seen to date. Right from the start as pages flash across the screen and the amazing score from Claudio Simonetti (from Goblin) starts up I was all in. The Arrow Video 4k remaster makes an…

  • The House

    The House


    A series of stop motion shorts with a theme of home and houses.

    The House is an odd but visually astounding piece of art. The movie looks beautiful with its handcrafted characters and fully realised sets and scenery. There is so much to awe at throughout the three segments.

    The first of the three was my favourite of the bunch with the ominous builders and the tiny facial features. It was dark, twisted and its conclusion was pretty fucked up.…

  • Gamera vs. Guiron

    Gamera vs. Guiron


    Two boys fly a spaceship to a planet behind the sun where its two humanoid inhabitants control a kaiju named Guiron.

    Gamera, friend to all children is back to save some more kids but this time in space. This one feels more like an afterschool special as there isn't much in the way of kaiju battles and focuses mainly on the kids' adventure in space. It has fun with the whole kids stuck in space theme but it runs a…

  • Tremors



    The small town of Perfection becomes a hunting ground for a new species that is out for blood.

    Released today in 1990! I was almost 1 year old at the time and was too preoccupied with shitting my pants to care about the release of this horror classic. What a fool! Luckily my mother liked it enough to make sure she hired it to watch with me when I was a bit older. She was certain I'd like it and…

  • Winterbeast



    A small-town sheriff tries to solve a recent missing persons case and has a hunch that a trio of suspicious totem poles is behind it.

    Yes, you read that right! Killer totem poles! Well, kinda, it's not entirely clear if all the monsters are all totem poles but at least two of 'em are.

    Winterbeast is a movie filmed and set (contrary to the title) during Autumn and that kind of logic is just the start of the insanity displayed,…

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Pacific Rim: Uprising


    Years after the breach was closed the world is still healing from the destructive kaiju attacks. The son of Pentecost (the hero who closed the breach and died doing so) is reluctantly forced to pilot his farthers jaeger as a new threat arises.

    I personally think Pacific Rim: Uprising gets a bad rep mainly because it is (and should be) compared to its fantastic predecessor, the first film has a great cast, is smart while still being cheesy and has…

  • Scream



    A new copycat killer is killing teens in Westboro again this time twisting its knife into the lives of someone with a link to where it all started.

    Scream does exactly as expected with its commentary set on dealing with requels and sequels and using that opportunity to repeat what we have seen from the previous films. Unlike in The Matrix Resurrections, I expected the meta take and monologues discussing the franchise so for me it worked a lot better…

  • Scream



    A ghostface slasher is killing teens in Woodsboro. The teens apply the rules of horror movies to fight back against the killer.

    Wes Craven gave this a shot initially with the meta New Nightmare a few years earlier, while that was okay it mostly missed the mark. With Scream he came back with his meta horror commentary and perfected it.

    Scream is a groundbreaking take on the slasher genre, spelling out the rules we know all too well and twisting his way through a whodunit with an iconic cast of characters. An all time classic horror.

    Academy Award goes to super sharp scissors sounds.

  • Eyes of Fire

    Eyes of Fire


    After being kicked out of town a preacher and his followers find refuge in a forest that is haunted by the ghosts of Natives and possibly the Devil himself.

    This one has been on my watchlist for a while now and thanks to Severin films doing Gods work it is easily accessible to watch with a truly stunning restoration. This movie looks amazing, from the crystal clear 4k remaster, to the colours, costumes and sets. To top it off there…