The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Egger's brings us yet another superbly made period piece, this time set in the time of Vikings, telling the story of a man hell-bent on revenge after he witnesses his father murdered.

The attention to detail, fleshed out mythology and willingness to go places that are not the norm for mainstream blockbusters is what makes The Northman a captivating and unique film.

Skarsgård is at his best here, and the rest of the cast is in fine form, notably Kidman with her icy yet passionate performance. I didn't buy the romantic relationship with Ana Taylor-Joy and feel it was more of an afterthought in the film.

The addition of weaving Norse Mythology into the plot is what really elevated the movie for me, prophecies, gods and promises of Valhalla are used effectively to world build and push motivations further. I did interpret them to be fiction and based in the characters' imaginations rather than taking them for face value which may not be the case for everyone watching.

Academy Award goes to Mummy make-out sesh.

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