Prospect ★★★½

Prospect is a slow paced Sc-Fi drama that focuses very heavily on character and consists of very minimal plot besides the MacGuffin. With this one, I went in totally blind as I hadn't even heard of it until a few days ago. It was a pleasant surprise, but not without its flaws.

It's most notable positive is its visuals, atmosphere and environment. You are thrust into this entirely believable world, teeming with vegetation and these bizarre subterranean gem-yielding lifeforms. It's both green and luscious but also frightening, dark and untamed, a place that wants nothing more than to kill you. Similarly, the few space and ship scenes we get are also very impressive; I found the strange alien lettering, beige and off-white interior and electronics (reminiscent of the 80's and 90's 'beige boxes') and the 'space suits' to be all positive contributors to the overall atmosphere of the film. All the visual creative decisions were perfect.

Now, as I stated earlier, the plot is on the light side. For me, that's not immediately a deal breaker, simple plots with a clear unchanging objective can serve a film like this, one that excels in its visuals and atmospheric world, very well.. But for a character focused film, the two main characters arcs felt way too simplistic and fast. I won't discuss the specifics as I wish to refrain from spoilers in this review, but I did feel as if gradual trust instead of a single act to gain trust would've worked better in order to portray an emotional connection between them.

I hadn't heard of either directors, Zeek Earl or Chris Caldwell. Besides shorts, I don't think they've directed before. For a feature length directorial debut, this shows that they have an incredible amount of potential. Pedro Pascal's performance was phenomenal, but that's to be expected because he's a phenomenally talented man. I'm bad at ending reviews, so let's call it here. I can see myself revisiting this film in the near future.