The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

what an amazing sequel! everything that made the first one great is present here but it manages to be even more ambitious, as it tells the before and after of the first film. it’s more layered, darker and a lot more complex.

the parallel between vito corleone’s ascent and michael’s demise is extremely interesting and the immigrant question is very well explored. vito’s like a romantic robin hood whose violence feels kinda justified and exciting, while michael feels so cold and pragmatic. that scene of him with his brothers in the kitchen was so sad because it’s showed how lonely when he was trying to do the right thing but how he got impossibly lonelier when he did what was expected of him. he also eats oranges like an animal.

the two intertwined story lines also provided some lightness to the film, which would be too claustrophobic and oppressive if they were just linear, and made the three hours fly by.

10/10 — it felt like a knock out, honestly. i had dreams about it waking me up at night. it didn’t feel as easy to fall in love with as the first one but it’s impressive.

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