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  • The Turning Point


  • Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw


  • Playing with Fire


  • Old Man

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  • Saint Omer

    Saint Omer


    Goes incredibly hard for an hour and thirty five, turns oddly soft in the last minutes. Puzzling.

  • Passage to Marseille

    Passage to Marseille


    Why did I initially only give this three and a half stars? It merits four for the Devil’s Island sequences alone. Curtiz has rarely gone harder.

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  • Hustlers



    A flat script, poorly directed. Every frame is all about whatever's in focus, in foreground; there's no background action, no production design; it's like they shot in a series of vacant lots. Jennifer Lopez's Terry Molloy impersonation is kind of funny, but anyone seeing Constance Wu for the first time in this movie might well wonder how she became a working professional actor. Julia Stiles shines as "Concerned Woman." The fact that this is getting so much praise indicates we…

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    So relentlessly full of shit it's relatively hilarious. Interesting idea to cast Kristen Scott Thomas as Courtney Love though.