Favorite films

  • Big Wave
  • Hero Hiralal
  • Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!
  • The Attack of the Giant Mousaka

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  • Orphan

  • Beanfilm

  • Ginger Snaps


  • Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince

Recent reviews

  • Big Wave

    Big Wave


    That kind of euphoria you can only dream of? It exists. And it's a surfing doco. This is a gift of montage, of the greatest narrator lines, of life-affirming musical synergy, of celebrating all the awesome ways we can move in this world. The first thing I'm doing when Summer hits is going windsurfing.

    And we'll ride, ride, ride.

  • The Fate of Lee Khan

    The Fate of Lee Khan


    Faintly precise and quietly brutal. Embraces the inn's many pleasures and irritations while keeping a watchful eye towards those who enter. Every time I watch a King Hu film, I feel mesmerised by the rhythms of image and sound; there's a particular delicacy to the latter that gives the fleeting reaction shots and graceful movements an enormous weight. It's magical how one informs the other through a kind of formal patience. Tension here is insurmountable, but I'm excited to have that questioned (by another Hu of course).

Popular reviews

  • Whisper of the Heart

    Whisper of the Heart


    here goes nothing.

    it’s tough coming face-to-face with a character whose personality, faults, & dreams so closely align with yours. any introspection that takes place amidst the catharsis—however invaluable—truly stings when you see yourself so vividly in their pitfalls; when you recognise just how far you have to go. while i find myself wrestling with what exactly i’ve taken away from Whisper of the Heart, there are some things i know for sure.

    Shizuku is a dreamer whose dreams aren’t clear-cut,…

  • The Flying Train

    The Flying Train


    choo choo :)