Spider-Man 3

Raimi's final part of his trilogy is definitely the definition of bloated. Almost ignoring everything that worked in the previous film Raimi delivers an overbearing monstrosity. The pacing often feels sluggish as Raimi has difficulty juggling the multiple facets of Peter Parker's life. The tone is inconsistent to the point of schizophrenic. The three villains that overcrowd the film never truly work. However Harry Osborn has the most potential due to the nature of his arc, but he is given an amnesiac angle which ruins even that. Sandman is given a connection to Peter Parker that only adds more dead weight to the stilted narrative. Raimi's attempt to make Sandman a sympathetic villain fails as there is nothing there to emotionally invest in. Venom is an after thought much like Gwen Stacy, both get lost in the film. Mary Jane becomes increasingly annoying and somewhat petulant, due mainly to Kirsten Dunst's banal portrayal. In fact all the actors seem to be phoning this one in as they all look uninterested. Spider-Man himself is given a lot to take in and it inevitably feels too much for Maguire to handle. The whole black suit/bad attitude thread of the narrative seems to be played for laughs until the plot decides to be serious again for the final act. The final climatic battle looses all tension once the new reporters begin to speak. Their inclusion by Raimi seems arbitrary, as they regale the audiences with horrid dialogue. Although some of the effects impress and the early fight scenes are fun. But for the most part this is a mishandled behemoth of a film that collapses under its own weight.