Spencer ★★★★

Another movie we knew we don't need but are going to see it anyways because it's about famous person and it has those "Oscar vibes". It's a story about how bad royals actually are some people are gonna hate it, some defend it, some love it, but at the end it is about portrayal of royalty but knowing deep down they are not worthy, only egocentric and two-faced.
As we follow Diana, wondering around mansion, in all that riches, we start to lose mind together with her. Wanting to be what you really are and not having to pretend but being forced is one tough cookie to swallow. Then we go to production design, from setting to clothes it was immaculate. Effort put into those things is visible like a day, as every dress portrays other feelings and emotions. Location and vastness of space and mansion is beyond reach and it makes you somewhat scared and on the edge of losing mind, and at the same time showing you all riches and treasury that it's got.
But you've seen it all before somewhere and it is just casual watching that you will go through and remember only Kristen playing Diana, but forgetting everything else.

I can't quite describe it in words but I felt good after finished wathing Spencer; much like after an art gallery where the paintings create emotions that are strange and yet enjoyable. Despite the fact that the movie focuses on the Royal Family, it has a number of parallels that can be applied to our ordinary lives when it comes to making compromises and trying to fit in. The cinematography, music and costumes are all great but I must warn you that this is an extremely slow movie. Spencer becomes one of those "nothing happens" films that usually surprises viewers with its unique storytelling approach.
However, if you are someone who enjoys melodramatic tales with a potential Oscar winning performance, then Spencer will be to your liking.

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