Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★★½

This certainly is an epic gangster story covering several decades, complete with a decent amount of sex, rape and violence. It’s flawlessly directed, scored, filmed, paced, and casted, and it will keep you hypnotized. This movie dives deep into the emotional psyche of those in the criminal underworld, told beautifully through its cinematography, writing, and the strong acting performances.
The scenes of childhood feature beautiful moments such as Noodles gazing at Deborah dancing through a hole in the wall, Noodles' friend eating a cream cake instead of sleeping with a prostitute and Max and Noodles' fateful meeting...
Let's talk about the actings. This is one of the best De Niro performances. While an unlikeable character, Noodles is a very interesting study of a broken life. (I must say De Niro playing same character all the time... didn't he really get bored??) James Woods is also great as Max. Woods has said that this is his favourite performance of his. 10 year-old Jennifer Connelly, is perfect during the flashback sequences.
There are also many tender and dramatic moments, with the cinematography and settings perfectly capturing the era and mood. The photography and set design in here are some of the best I've ever seen, with several iconic images.
Sergio Leone's final masterpiece takes us through an epic crime journey that takes place in a timeless and unforgiving New York.
"Is the film too long? Yes and no.
You may have to watch it in two sittings because it is incredibly long but it leaves unforgettable memories and conveys the important message that the gangster life tears you apart and should not be glorified. For such a dark film it is certainly enjoyable but don't watch it with your family if you don't want to ruin your experience.
Despite everything i said, I really don't like mobster movies, so I couldn't enjoy this as much as i should 🤷🏽‍♀️

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