Eternity ★★★

30 Days| 30 Films| 30 Nations

Day 6| Peru 🇵🇪

The visuals manifestly serves a crucial purpose in portraying a story, especially that relies on foreseeable climax.
Winaypacha (Eternity) unflinchingly abides to its title.From the very first frame to the last, the visuals are fantastic and lively. It was almost like being transported to a distinct evergreen mountain.

When the characters are expressing, it really becomes essential to seize the viewers empathetically. I would like to recall Postmen in the Mountains, where use of visuals is pretty operative in context to the storyline. Eternity is heavily driven by visuals that it supersedes the gist of the narrative. The screenplay, I felt, could have been more effective with minimal dialogues.

Nevertheless, Winaypacha is a visual tidbit and ought to be watched if you are expecting it to be good.

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