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  • May December

    May December


    Happy Sugar Life for cinephiles

  • Other Lily

    Other Lily


    Gorgeously drawn and immersively creepy environments, an ending that made me blink in surprise and clever use of fish eye lenses more than make up for a relatively simple story.
    Sleep Paralysis sounds horrifying ngl

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  • The Peasants

    The Peasants


    Watched at TIFF 2023 - Film #1

    While the highlights of this film are quite clearly the GORGEOUS. JAW-DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS and STYLISTICALLY CREATIVE/STUNNING VISUALS...and the dementedly catchy folk score that complements the film perfectly and improves it in many areas, ending up almost as good as the visuals, the rhythmic story and complex web of characters should also be shown a light on. Yes, it's a story most of us have seen some variation of before, but it's told with…

  • Oppenheimer



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fire eating fire.
    The atom bomb given cinematic form in all it's horrible magnificence as devils pace in the shadows.
    A black hole of a film, slowly grabbing you by the heart and hurtling in freefall towards perfect oblivion.
    A visual feast unfurling before your shaken eyes as ideas explode into another, darting from thought to thought, from theme to theme, from word to word.
    The devils applaud and scream and cry of impossibilities, their god and prophet selling the…