The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★½

In comparison to other action or superhero tv shows, this is utterly bland and often nonsensical. Episodes go by with little plot moving forward and maybe it could’ve been a movie, but you can’t make a tv show with the same approach.

Anthony Mackie’s journey to becoming Captain America is the only interesting part and honestly that was dampened by the infuriating boat storyline that could’ve easily been solved by him doing just one paid sports drink sponsorship! Or call Pepper for help?? The Sharon Carter big bad reveal was obvious from episode two despite the fact we were given little reason for her turning dark or why she wouldn’t be pardoned, so honestly Emily VanCamp gives us the blandest bad guy in the MCU. There’s a lot of other parts I didn’t like but I’m done caring and will start hoping for better things from the Loki tv show.

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