• Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Watched for the second time I can conclude that it’s truly a masterpiece of action. I just love the “BOND, JAMES BOND” so fucking much 🥰😍🥳😩😭💘💝

    For me this’ll always be a essencial film for anyone. The plot is so well constructed and there’s a bit of romance, thriller and action for a life of course. 

    Mads Mikkelsen’s performance was outstanding. 
    007 always leaves me delighted, breathless and speechless🖤🖤🖤🖊💶💋🎲🎰🎱🍸👠🤵🏼

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    A wonderful film! Very well directed, very intelligent and mysterious script.
    Horror icon Freddy Krugger really doesn't disappoint!

    It is without a doubt one of my favorite horror movies.
    great explanations and plot twist. Very good effects for the time.

    I really enjoyed seeing Johnny Depp acting in one of the first works.
    I loved but I don't want to give spoilers so please watch before you die / sleep hahahaha

  • Old



    The premise of the film is interesting and attracts curiosity. M. Night is characterized by the twist at the end, but I thought this twist was just good, acceptable.

    It was indeed a very good film, but the premise of the film is interesting and attracks curiosity, people who know M. Night's style know that there will be a twist at the end, the problem is that a really good twist in one of his films has become rare, in…

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Jason Statham never disappoints!
    A film that holds you from the beginning to the end, good plot, good development of actions and considerably violent.

    The protagonist isn’t a hero and the antagonists also don’t describe themselves as cliché villains. The soundtrack also stands out between the innovative urban filmography.

    During the movie there are some scenes that leave you trying to understand what is going on, it's really that kind of movie that you need to pay attention to. Anyway, if you want an action movie with an interesting plot, this is the movie.


  • Training Day

    Training Day


    The social message that this film brings is something far above average, it totally takes away the perfect image of the police force and demonstrates that not only there but everywhere there will always be good and bad people.
     And how things and business often work when not everyone is looking.

    A film topped off with a performance by Denzel Washington that is speechless.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    • A sadistic and utterly disturbing film. The direction of the Italian Deodato was good, that can’t be denied. The film proves to be completely politically incorrect, showing snuff scenes of real animal murders.

    • It's not a horror movie like the American classics, in which a masked guy comes out just scaring the others off. It brings an innovative theme and in a completely revolutionary way in the history of terror.

    • I find it interesting the proposal to put…

  • Silenced



    Very good!!!👏👏👏
    But disturbing 

    Warning: isn’t easy to watch this, so be prepared and with a health mind.

  • Chinatown



    OH THE CINEMATOGRAPHY 🤌🤤🤤🤤 but also the plot is very intense and well developed.

    Jack Nicholson is the guy!

    Art, this is art!!!!!

  • Tusk



    Well, it was a good movie. Not great actuations but the story holds the attention.

    I don’t really understand why but I laughed the whole movie. And I laughed even harder with the strange walrus sounds.

  • The Artist

    The Artist


    We are used to seeing “Remakes” which the new overcomes the old, with new technologies, new colors and new special effects. Here the proposal was the opposite, to make an old film these days and the result is surprising.

     The film has nothing to do with today, the scenography, the cars, the clothing, everything seems to happen in the 30's. The story is quite simple, but the actors' performances are moving, telling us a story using only faces and gestures.

    The film takes you through a series of emotions and joy. The simple soundtrack fits perfectly.

    Unmissable movie, will go down in history

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    Great songs and Oscar Isaac’s performance is sensacional.

  • Human



    Shocking; exciting;
    A true work of art

    In addition to a beautiful photograph, seeing and hearing such testimonies, life and people will never be seen in the same way again.

    The strength of these faces, expressing themselves in different languages, captures attention and creates empathy.

    Vital to preserve the most important emotion: the humanity.