Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½


I thought that this one was really fun. I loved the change of setting and how brutal the violence was yet again.

*mild spoilers*

The museum was really cool and the subway scene, is one of the best in the whole franchise.

The film looks great too!

The newer characters are mostly fine but I wouldn't be sad about any of them dying and *spoilers* some of them really should have!!
*spoilers end*
I Loved seeing Kirby again but I would have liked more of her.

I really didn't like the killer reveal. That's where this film sadly went downhill for me. Way too over the top!

I'm also really done with people getting maimed, yet being able to kick ass and even miraculously surviving.. again..

I also felt like Red Right Hand was a bit overused in this one. We get it.. NOSTALGIA, but too much of it can feel forced and a wee bit irritating.

CGI Billy also looked even worse in this one. 🤣

But hey, it is still really fun, it has many great moments and some nice nostalgia.

I look forward to seeing it again at some point.

P.s. I went to see this in 4DX and that was definitely unnecessary (apart from the ladder scene). Lots of getting sprayed in the face with every stabbing. 🙈 lovely..

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