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This review may contain spoilers.

I kept going back and forth between a 6 or a 7 but on reflection today I'll go with the 6..

Pretty disappointed.. there was some good stuff here but the bad was REALLY bad.

*spoilers, and I really mean that - if you've not watched it then don't read on*

The opening was decent.

However, I think it's unlikely you'd survive and I certainly doubt you could leave the hospital. She went from being in agony wheeling herself around to hitting people with her crutches a few scenes later.

Apart from Dewey I felt like the return of the 'legacy' characters was very underwhelming. Especially with how built up it all was. Dewey is a legend though, even if he did make the incredibly dumb decision to stay behind. I felt like he had been through enough that he wouldn't have risked doing that.

I didn't mind that Sam was Billy's daughter. I didn't love it.. but it wasn't horrible. However, the Billy hallucinations were! I thought they were really badly done. Even if it was nice to see Skeet.
Sam was just a pretty bland protagonist for me. I did appreciate her real name being Sam Loomis. Nice touch.

It was severely lacking in the acerbic wit department which was a shame because that is one of the highlights of the Scream Franchise for me. The perfectly balanced lighter witty banter moments mixed with the dark goings-ons.

I LOVED how bloody brutal the deaths were! This Ghostface was by far the most savage of them all and they were even actually a bit scary. I felt quite tense getting ready for when they were going to next appear.
I loved the whole Sheriff Judy and her Son Wes situation the most. That was very well done! I was so sad that we didn't see Dewey and Judy interact though. That was a waste of nostalgia!
I also quite liked the twins even if I also don't believe that Chad would have survived. I'm guessing they will be a big part of this Scream: the next generation direction they seem to be going in.

I HATED the killer reveals! This is where the film went rapidly downhill for me. (Even if I did really like that it took place in Stu's house again) Richie (Jack Quaid) was actually one of the best things about the film for me and he was where the very few laughs came from. I really hoped they wouldn't pull that one again and then boom! Urrrgh.
I thought that the Amber character was just pretty crappy in general.
The reasoning was not of the usual Scream quality either. I wasn't keen on that at all.
I thought the killer/s would have more investment in the whole Ghostface legacy to support how horrifically brutal this Ghostface was but nah...just absolute psychos. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I liked their commupance though and that the original characters got dealt blows to their old wounds (even if they did magically kick ass again whilst wounded so badly).

The 'I still prefer the Babadook' line (or whatever it was) was painful. It was so damn cringey. I did appreciate them addressing elevated horror though as it is a big part of these modern movie watching times. Even if I'm not usually the biggest fan.

I could probably keep going on but I'm going to stop it there.

So overall, I expect Scream films to be a lot more clever than this one was and there was so much wasted potential. This could have been one of the best Scream films but no, it's at the bottom of my rankings. I think my expectations were way too high as this is such a solid horror franchise for me (yes even the third one) and this 'requel' didn't quite reach the heights of the others. They should have just left it finished with Wes' final entry.

P.s. I'm so happy that it turns out Kirby survived the fourth one. 🥰

Hubby gave it 5/10.

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