Riders of Justice

Riders of Justice ★★★★


This was Hubby's birthday film choice and it ended up being a good one.

I had seen a few people rave about this one but apart from that, I went into it pretty blind. I just knew I was expecting mad Mads.

*slight spoilers*

Which I did get but there was surprisingly a lot of heart to be found amongst the violence. There were a lot of laughs had too.

The whole cast were great but I really loved Lars Brygmann (Lennart), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Otto), Andrea Heick Gadeberg (Mathilde) and Gustav Lindh (Bodashka).

Annoyingly there was some CGI blood present (urrrgh) why is this used instead of practical effects? Surely it's more expensive? 🤔

I also did feel it start to drag towards the end but then it did get awesome again and it ended how I would have wanted it too so I can't be too harsh on it.

So overall, I came for Mad Mads and stayed for the heartwarming friendships. Definitely recommend.

P.s. I will never be able to unsee Fat Johnny Depp, Seth Rogan and Dylan Moran from the cover photo used on the films page. 🤯

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