Carol ★★★★★

Carter Burwell's soundtrack for Carol (particularly the piece 'Opening') is so reminiscent of Phillip Glass's 'The Hours' that I can almost hear Nicole Kidman's voice over beginning her letter to Leonard during the final scene when Therese meets Carol in the Oak Room.

The difference is rather than watch my sapphic queen Virginia sink below the depths of the River Ouse, Carol's final moment's are ones of hope. The rhythmic see-sawing score builds to a euphoric rather than melancholic release of tension. If you have seen The Hours as many times as I have (or most other wlw films) you begin to realise you're bracing yourself for that sadness and when it doesn't come you feel an immense sense of surprise and delight.

I could go on but I don't mean to make this the beginning of a comparative essay. However, I do think there could be something to watching Carol right after watching The Hours. A kind of harmonious twinning of acclaimed wlw cinema to keep the balance of the universe in check.

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