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  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    There Just Such Charm In Seeing Friends Getting Together Just To Say "Fuck You" To The Academy

  • Host



    I Enjoy The Zoom Call Type Found Footage Premise Of Films Like Host, Unfriended, And Even The 2nd Segement Of V/H/S, I See A Lot Of Creative And New Ways To Trick And Scare Your Audience But When It Always Amounts To Cheap Jumpscares, Dumb Plot Convinences, And Unconvincing Scares, It All Just Sadly Falls Apart For Me.

    I Was Really Hoping For Something Special Here But Instead I Got A Slightly Better Made Unfriended Complete With The Same Loud Noises We All Have Convinced Ourselves Are
    The Peak Of Modern Day Horror.

    Very Creative And Nice Use Of End Credits Tho.