Bird Box

Bird Box ★★½

C'mon guys, let's be honest here. You were expecting someone to reveal that it was the plants all along. Either that or some random guy that would start talking about how hot-dogs get a bad rep.

Yeah, don't try to deny it. If I didn't start researching this film before writing this review, I could've sworn that it was either a remake or a spiritual successor of M. Night's The Happening (2008). And, for what I could read, most reviewers agree that Bird Box is "like The Happening, but better".

I'm sorry for all those people because I'm way more willing to watch The Happening a million times more than this picture. Not because that film did it better, but it's way more entertaining to see that trainwreck.

Bird Box (2018), while not a bad film per se, doesn't do anything that we haven't seen before. Nor does it have outstanding performances for me to forgive its shortcomings.

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