Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★★

It’s interesting that this is apparently the entry that the fans of the franchise like least because I kind of think it works way better than 2 (total stinker whose legacy rides entirely on the goodwill it earns from Laurie Metcalf). 

It honestly feels like one of the Scream entries that engages with its promise of self-referential metaness in any meaningful way beyond just lip service. More of these movies should lean into the goofiness instead of the self seriousness—because they are not scary or dark movies in practice at all! 

I love the cast in this, especially of course Parker Posey but also Emily Mortimer. The ensemble is great, and I love the cameos—it’s almost kind of feels like they were trying to make Scream does The Player (compliment).

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