Shame ★★★★

On rewatch, I am moving my score from 1/2 star to 4 and a half stars. Originally I did not understand this film. I saw it as an overblown ode to a white guy with poor white guy problems.

On reflection, and straight after seeing Hunger, I see it as a portrayal of loneliness. Interestingly, most films about this kind of isolation are about serial killers. Shame brings to mind the story of Jeffrey Dahmer - the serial killer who lived in intense isolation and pushed the boundaries of what he could get away with until it got so crazy that he got caught. Shame is basically the same story except about a man so lonely his sexual obsessions are hidden from his day to day life. It's only when his sister enters the picture that he's forced to deal with the 'shame' of his behaviour.

But, in the end, does he learn anything? Who can say.

Haunting and beautiful and highly recommended.

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