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  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins


    It’s so sad to me that this full show isn’t streaming anywhere, or even on physical media at all. The only way to watch these episodes are on YouTube, and they only have 40 of the 62 episodes available. This show is so underrated too - idk why it’s not on Disney+.

    Anyway, this ‘episode’ is great at setting up the whole series, and even if it doesn’t flow very well or the jokes aren’t that good (especially the location…

  • The Pixar Story

    The Pixar Story


    Though it only goes up to Cars, and I’ve read or heard about the formulative years dozens of times already, this kept me extremely engaged and reminded me all over again why Pixar is the greatest studio of all time. I’d love to see another Iwerks doc on the studio over time, and potentially a docu-series focusing on a different movie with each episode (lol, a guy can dream!)

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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    If this was 20 minutes shorter it would easily be my favorite movie of the decade. But as for now it’s definitely my favorite movie of 2021. On a rewatch (wearing headphones too), the characters and story is a little easier to follow and I just really appreciated the music so much more too. 

    The first song, “In the Heights”, is obviously pure joy and I really love the little montage of Sonny and Usnavi listing out prices of things…

  • Soul



    My name on here is GhostofGhibli as a reference to my massive love for animated movies; but, specifically I should probably change it to PhantomofPixar, for my love of Pixar is even larger than my love of Studio Ghibli.

    I say that because, even though this is five stars, it’s nowhere near my favorite Pixar films. It’s probably 13th or 14th out of 23, with room to more-than-likely rise to a maximum of 12th. I didn’t love it, but I…