Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★½

Ultimate Edition

A constantly hungover anhedonic and sadistic CrossFit addict billionaire hedge fund guy decides to make a preemptive strike against a terrifying god who always saves humanity, but feels almost completely alienated from them. A coked out sociopathic tech doofus, a media that refuses to confront power, and a bought Senate encourage the conflict. The billionaire realizes that even god has a mother and teams-up with him and a mysterious god model to kill the devil/Godzilla.

More notes:
- The Martha moment is the most (only?) moving moment in a superhero film in the 2010s not directed by Shyamalan.
- Zach Snyder knows how to shoot Gal Gadot so she looks really cool. Patty Jenkins does not.
- Snyder isn't a good enough artist to have a rich developed style, but the man does craft a few truly great images in this. Superman rescuing people has never been more ominous.
- Sure the anime-style kaiju battle at the end doesn't quite work, but it's far more interesting than the pre-vis laser shows every Marvel movie ends with. Also, unlike the Marvel films, the fight scenes in this have enough texture and solidity to be impactful.
- The fascist Superman post-apocalypse is the kind of cool weird classic comics stuff these movies tend to avoid at all costs.
- Snyder gets rich people more than most mainstream American directors. Bruce Wayne is kind of like some anhedonic hedge fund guy who sleeps with models, drinks a lot, does Crossfit, and suddenly got really into politics. Lex Luthor is just some coked out sociopathic tech company doofus who has a basketball court in the middle of his office.

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