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  • Comic Book Confidential

    Comic Book Confidential


    One of the few movies that takes the formal implications of adapting comics to film seriously. Remember when comics weren't just an IP incubator for mostly artless movies and instead were challenging readers and experimenting with form? It's incredible how much of the great work covered in this film has been written out of the Marvel and DC-approved official histories of comics.

  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette


    One of the most reactionary films of the 21st (and 18th) century. Attempts to brand a monarchy as "punk" while at the same time exculpating them of all their crimes because (1) they were so sheltered they just didn't know any better, (2) they were just kids and didn't know what to do (Antoinette was 36 when the monarchy was abolished), and (3) they really only deposed her because of xenophobia and because she was so cool not because of the caste system she helped preside over...

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