Grant Hodges has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2019.

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    I legitimately don’t understand why people like this movie so much. Like seriously, someone explain it to me please.

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    Velvet Buzzsaw is the most interesting movie I’ve seen in a long time. And ironically, it’s not for what it does right but for what it does oh so very wrong. Half of it’s a brilliantly satirical view of the world of art and criticism. The other is a laughably bad, jump scares and all, failure of a horror movie. It’s a 10/10 movie (with great performances, directing, costuming, etc) with a 3/10 script and it is FASCINATING.

    It’s not good. It’s not even passable. But it also demands to be watched. And I think I love it?

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    Was Moonlight an accident?