Zodiac ★★★★

Zodiac might be objectively a perfect film. The attention to detail is absolutely insane, with Fincher and co. clearly having done their research - to the point where this plays almost more as a documentary than an a narrative film. The directing, acting, score, costumes, production design... they're all top notch. It's lengthy without ever feeling unwieldily. And equal parts tense and legitimately educational.

Despite LITERALLY ALL OF THIS, however, I'm not sure it clicks for me personally. The inherent problem with a film based around an unfinished case is that the story is going to feel... well... unfinished. And the lack of a compelling protagonist to latch onto just leaves me wanting a little more. Still though, it's objectively perfect. And as far as 2 hours and 37 minute long excuses to look into Jake Gyllenhaal's piercing blue eyes go... it's pretty good too.

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