Star Wars ★★★★

I mean... it’s Star Wars. From the score to sound design, from groundbreaking special effects to overall look and feel of this world, almost every aspect of this movie is iconic today - and for good reason. Of course, the movie is a little bit lacking story-wise... and it does drag hard in the third act (with the escape from the Death Star and final trench run making it feel like the film climaxes twice), but these flaws are more than made up for by our characters - each of which has become as iconic as the world they inhabit. 

What I love about this movie more than anything, however, is the low budget nature of the piece. For every legitimately impressive moment or set piece, there’s another cheesy scene that reminds you just how cheap the film really was. From the shaking of the Millennium Falcon set to the misshapen nature of Darth Vader’s helmet, from the jump cuts every time someone ignites a lightsaber to fact that one droid is literally just a trash can with legs, it’s immensely clear that this film was made by a team of rookie filmmakers in the 70s simply trying to follow their dreams.

It’s one reason why I have a big problem with George Lucas going back and “fixing” these movies (aside from the fact that he didn’t even direct two of them... so who is he to change them). In removing the flaws, the movie ironically becomes a lot more bland. Because as much as we insist that the popularity of Star Wars arises from its tale of a galaxy far, far away, it’s the story of these real-life rebels - fighting against the Hollywood system - that really keeps us coming back.

4 Stars

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