Songs My Brothers Taught Me ★★★

The rare debut film that solidifies a director's look and feel from the very beginning, Songs My Brothers Taught Me may have also taught me that I just don't enjoy Chloé Zhao's filmography. Sure, I can appreciate the grandiose cinematography and the hyper-real style of filmmaking (where she goes as far as to base movies around real people), but the execution just feels... bland. I would love to learn more about one's life on an Indian Reservation as, I'll be honest, that's something I know next to nothing about. But I've seen documentaries that develop their "characters" more than this.

It's not objectively terrible. I can see why other people enjoy it and, again, it is legitimately beautiful to look at. But I would never really recommend it either. Because when this movie finished, I was left feeling nothing at all.

3 Stars