Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

The best Avengers film by a wide margin, Infinity War takes an accidental flaw of preceding movies (the fact that the Avengers are reactive characters rather than proactive ones) and turns it into a strength. Centering the narrative around Thanos, effectively making him the protagonist by giving him a traditional hero’s journey, the film is allowed to touch on so many characters in the Marvel universe without ever feeling cluttered - as they're not the focus, Thanos is.

Of course, seeing all these disparate parts of the Marvel universe come together is really great. And there are some very fun character interactions on display here. But what I love more than anything is when the movie simply focuses on the Guardians. Now, sure, that may be my bias for those characters coming through a little bit. But the fact that so much of this movie just feels like a Guardians movie (with many of them, Gamora especially, getting more screen time than the actual Avengers) is a huge win for me.

As always with the Avengers movies, the action is overlong, the CG work is spotty (with Iron Man’s suit possibly looking the worst ever here), and Thor’s plotline is unbearably dull. But between the unorthodox structuring and that cliffhanger of an ending, I’m genuinely impressed they pulled something like this off. In many ways, it’s the closest a movie has ever come to the on-screen representation of an epic comic crossover event. And for most Marvel fans, I can’t imagine there’s anything better than that.

4 Stars

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