Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

The most fun you can have while watching an adventure.
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg & John Williams are all at the height of each their filmmaking careers during this era and it shows as you always feel the excitement, wonder & emotion vividly.

The smaller scale approach is what holds down the film in comparison to Raiders of the Lost Ark & The Last Crusade. However, it’s because of this smaller intention that the film shines so bright.

Serving as a prequel for the second act of the original trilogy,
the story illuminates the vast history of the many various adventures that Dr. Jones has experienced. Also showing that to improve a franchise sometimes a larger story isn’t always what is needed for success.

Harrison Ford was the man during this phase,
I don’t think anybody could’ve been a more perfect Indiana Jones.

Ps. If you’re acting like Short Round doesn’t make the film immensely more entertaining, you’re absolutely blind;
bringing his Goonies’ magic into another film franchise.

He no nuts, he’s crazy.
-Short Round

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