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  • Ashes and Diamonds
  • Body Double
  • Red Desert
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  • The Neon Demon


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  • Theorem



    radical otherness/Marxism, in the form of sex machine Terrence Stamp, fucking the bourgeois into further empty torment, and raising the proletariat into Christ-like glory and transcendence. a beautiful thematic synthesis of politics and religion. this could not possibly have been more up my alley

  • Watcher



    fittingly, where Watcher really excels is in how it makes us watch it. the way focus and movement/pace are utilized in the camerawork to convey the fearful vision of a terrified person is captivating. maika monroe’s individual perspective is very specifically displayed for us, by having us actually see what she sees. during an early screen in a grocery store, she attempts to take a glance at the man who is following her, which is shown with a slow pan…

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    pretty dumb, pretty basic, PRETTY looking. immediately started laughing when “NWR” stayed on the screen during the opening credits, and then died when it ended with “For Liv ❤️“

    nothing especially profound going on here (“vanity is bad” - okay), but refn knows how to be evocative through cutting and juxtaposing images. there’s some really excellent formal construction that adds heft to the broadly vapid thematic landscape: parallels between sleazy motels and model agencies, a dead body and an empty…

  • The Princess

    The Princess


    Joey King’s The Raid. girlboss colonizer frees her fellow colonizers from worse colonizers. medieval “more female-led drone strikes” propaganda but it’s fun. could do without the jump cut/speed ramping fuckery in the fight scenes (along with some wonky CGI) but there’s some cool choreo in here. pretty bad but an enjoyable enough diversion

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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    one of the most reddit “films” i’ve ever seen. the ultimate “I CLAPPED BECAUSE I KNOW THAT REFERENCE” movie. felt like I was watching Spiderman fanfiction written by a 3rd grader. just totally shallow and contains nothing interesting thematically beyond “REMEMBER THIS!?” even in the potentially emotional moments, the emphasis is on the reference rather than any real meaning beyond a callback to something. there’s no deconstruction or anything interesting happening. any growth that Peter has in this film is…

  • Elvis



    imagine a standard, shallow, walk hard-esque elvis biopic, but from the point of view of a tom hanks snl character and directed by someone on both lsd and cocaine. certain moments and sequences in this are absolutely stunning. totally hyper and utterly unwieldy in its visual stylings that it can almost be hard to keep up with. at a certain point, as exciting as it often was, it became numbing and exhausting. then, at other times, it feels like a…