The Gray Man

The Gray Man ★★★★½

Ryan Gosling RANKED!!!

Oh boy, I'm gonna get massacred for this.

I truly don't know why everyone is so up in arms against the Russo Brothers. Even with the pessimistic response from the film community and the fact that I didn't really like the trailer myself, this movie surprised me.

First of all, RYAN IS BAACCKKKKK!!!! YESSSS!!! After almost four years, my favorite actor Ryan Gosling is back in the movies and in a very unexpected project. I just felt so happy seeing him back and he plays the mysterious witty badass perfectly. Him and Ana de Armas together again was a real treat 🙌
Chris Evans, holy shit, I didn't think I could see him play a bigger asshole after Knives Out but I was very wrong. His character is cartoonishly evil and I loved it!!! He's chewing the scenery every chance he gets and I'm sure that was really fun for him as an actor.

The direction by the Russo Brothers was a little weird because I felt super engaged and entertained by every action sequence but there are bits where the action is a little hard to follow because of specific camera movements with drones o random spins. I admire that they are trying a bunch of different stuff, but I can't say I was completely a fan.
Narratively wise, I wasn't as hooked or invested in any of the characters that much, the cast really saves this one, but I was compelled enough to watch the whole thing without feeling bored once.

In summary, I had a great time watching it, wish I got to see it in theaters and I really admire what the Russo Brothers are doing with their post-Marvel career.

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