The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★★

Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather Trilogy is cinema at its finest form. Nothing will ever top the exhilarating feeling I have felt after watching these three films.

I do not understand why the Godfather Part III gets so much hate? It’s better paced than the first two films it’s (in my opinion) better than Part II and has one of the best endings in cinema.

I never thought anything could top Gladiator as my #1 and going into this movie I didn’t think it would either, but it adds so much to the previous 2 movies I have to, Collectively put the Godfather Trilogy at the #1 Spot.
Edit:There was a slight change of plan, I was in the middle of watching a brighter summers day as my 99th movie of the year but then decided finishing the Godfather trilogy would make for a better 99th. So a brighters summers day will be my 101st movie and my 100th will be a movie of your choice which you can suggest-HERE but I will be closing the list later on today and choosing a film then so if you want to suggest a movie, do it now!

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