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  • Purple Rain
  • Arrival
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Devi

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  • A Special Day


  • A Love Song


  • Mad God


  • My Best Friend's Exorcism


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  • A Special Day

    A Special Day


    “Fascist Italy knows but one ethical law in friendship.”

    It's strange how your cinematic fate becomes topical at times without your intending it to be so. I suggested this film for me and my buddy's film club, but I wasn't keeping up with current Italian politics enough to know that an actual Mussolini enthusiast was on the verge of being elected prime minister. Now that that unfortunate reality has come to pass, 'A Special Day' seems more vital, although it…

  • A Love Song

    A Love Song


    “Give that dial a swirl. Always plays the perfect song, even if in the moment ya ain’t sure why.”

    A couple of days ago, I had the privilege of seeing Lucinda Williams, one of my all-time favorite artists, live in concert. 'A Love Song' is just like one of her songs: simple, elegant, honky-tonk, beautiful.

    There are a lot of films that are understated and feel just as minor as their tone. This one hits the heart like a ton…

Popular reviews

  • Blonde


    “I guess there isn’t any Norma Jeane, is there?”

    This is a film made by a director with his head so far up his own ass it would make James Lipton blush. It's more than pretentious enough to believe it has something intelligent to say, but it's written and directed with all the subtlety of an episode of The Fairly OddParents. It claims to care about Norma Jeane Mortenson as a human being, but it alternates between disrespecting her memory,…

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    “Check… her… texts.”

    What stunned me most about this film is how intelligent and emotionally involving it is, even if the target of its satire is fairly obvious.

    Its intelligence shines through in the many levels it unexpectedly mines and works on. Although some character development is accomplished rather quickly in order to fast-track the film’s central whodunnit, that speed works in the satire’s favor because ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is satirizing hypocritical millennial and gen-z tendencies towards immediate judgement and…