Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★½

Godzilla vs Kong is one of the most self-aware movies I have ever watched. No one wanted to sit through a plain character study and diluted human plot points. Although we did get some of that, it wasn’t nearly as much as the previous movies in this franchise have drowned us in. All we wanted was to watch 2 godly beings fight each other in spectacular fashion and that is exactly what we got. They didn’t bother us with too much lackluster human emotion the way the previous 2 Godzilla movies did.
This movie excelled in every visual practice. There really isn’t a flaw here from a visual standpoint. It was gorgeous to look at. The giant set pieces were detailed and very clear and the evolution of motion capture technology and CGI is so evident in this movie.
The action in this movie is really top tier. This was the biggest reason why I enjoyed the movie as much as I did. I went in wanting to see Godzilla and Kong throw hands as much as possible and that’s exactly what I got. It was fucking awesome to watch. The second and third act of this movie were just straight action and brawls with very little cuts to anything human related.
I’m praising the lack of human visibility in this movie but even so, what this movie is lacked in human depth and emotion it made up for with a decently simple plot that was very easy to follow while still maintaining a nice level of audience engagement. The world building, which can very easily be argued as the best part of this franchise, continued in this movie and moved it forward setting up for more movies.
And lastly, my biggest praise of this movie…Tom fucking Holkenborg. My dude is on a roll. Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Akita: Battle Angel, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now Godzilla vs Kong. This man is cementing himself in history as one of the great composers.
This movie sure as shit had its flaws. Even though I just went on a rant admiring this movies lack of human depth and character development, I don’t let my excitement over 2 titans fighting cloud my judgement. This movie could have definitely been miles better if there was a human side to it that we could relate to or feel an emotional connection to. The movie also lacked a first act. Outside of 1 short boat fight, the first 40 minutes of this movie was decently slow and kinda boring.
Overall, I got everything I wanted from this movie. Incredible visuals and great action sequences, human issues and plots took a back seat, the score is awesome, and it was an absolute joy watching these 2 titans go at it for 2 hours. This movie didn’t exceed any of my expectations but absolutely delivered on being a dope movie that was fun to watch.