The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

The Batman is one of the comic book movies that I’ve enjoyed in recent memory. The story is ever-engaging in the hands of Matt Reeves who gives us a complete story of who this young Bat is. 

The film highlights a brooding and troubled Bruce Wayne who roams the streets of Gotham. I really liked how grounded this film was, yet still feeling like a large spectacle. Bruce is someone who will question his purpose here and it was amazing to see the journey to that point. Reeves definitely balances on this line really well. Thanks to Greig Fraser as well, The Batman is probably one of the best looking superhero films. The shot at the end with Batman carrying the flare, *chef’s kiss*. Oh and the action scenes, come on. That car chase is one of the best in recent memory.

The whole cast is perfect. Performances starting from Bruce and Zoe to the rest of the supporting cast, were truly fun to watch. Also, this has to be one of my favorite bat suits ever, along with the bat mobile. Shoutout though to Jeffrey Wright who I also loved in The French Dispatch. He has a lot to do here and he delivers. Paul Dano though. I’m so happy he got this role because honestly, we don’t get that much Paul Dano. 

Watched twice in theaters and I’m convinced this raised the bar for the next superhero films to come out. I think this film confirmed to me that the Batman is probably my favorite superhero. Hands down, no question about that.

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