Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Another Round is a story of four middle-aged men clandestinely drinking alcohol during school hours to improve their work and social performances. I have to say some parts to the story do feel predictable in this, however, the directing by Vinterberg (who was nominated for an Oscar), kind of creates an atmosphere that isn't.

Another part that helped make this film a delight to watch was Mads Mikkelsen. Haven't really seen his other work like The Hunt yet but he brings so much grounded realism and cheerful energy to his performance that really elevates the film. There aren't many actors who can bring such specific emotion to the performance and who can digress out to a familiar type of role.

Having said that, the story is still quite fun to watch and sort of timely, as most people are still in lockdown. These four men experience the highs and lows of alcohol consumption, including problems in their personal and familial lives, and drinking sort of becomes their excuse to almost dismiss those. I guess it's sort of a cautionary tale to alcoholism, but at the same time, the story kind of says, why the heck not.

++ loved the ending 😌

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