Silenced ★½

this movie is "important" and it desperately needs you to know that.

Horrible acting; bad script; it's an exploitation of a real event.

If anything I find it sad that this movie was the rolling stone for the country to take action against the crimes commited and make changes to the laws. It says a lot about how society views issues and their response to them, especially in Korea.

It's not that I can't stomach seeing children getting abused, but when it's played like a Korean soap opera it loses much of the punch it wants to give you. Everyone who is an abuser is played up to 11 and it slowly warps the story and violence into a fantasy-like fetishization of cruelty.

The main character has no flaws besides being such a darn good person. The acting from him in particular fits so poorly with everyone else doing their best Looney tunes villain, but with the added bonus of violence being real and not some cartoonish fantasy. He flows around in the muck of the story like a slightly bored teenager who is trying to be engaged but would rather escape the reality and fuck off back to Seoul. His partner in crime is a Korean woman who has one of the most annoying introductions I've seen for such an important character. She's an awful person at first but it's completely ignored once she is told about the childabuse.

Really, this is a villain film and a "make the audience feel guilty for being so passive in societies issues" type deal. It made me dislike the whole thing even more.

This is one of those, the story around the film is better than the film itself. I can assume the only reason anyone would want to watch this is to learn more about what happened.

Only real positives I will give it are the cinematography sometimes, and the editing. It's slick and economical and occasionally takes time to linger on a fancy shot or scene.

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