Dune ★★

Dune (part 1) is more interested in being as large and epic in scale as possible rather than showing any sort of human emotion. It's this cold, lifeless commodity. And for that I was very disappointed.

The aesthetic of the film Is some of my least favorite kind of scifi. Lifeless sleek lines and gaping circles. No life or edge, just straight on till the budget stops. The music is overbearing and consistently a distraction.

The performances are for the most part waxy and stoic, in the constrained action figure still in its plastic kinda way. The movie looks nice, and is indeed epic in scale and presentation. But that only takes the movie so far. The movie is undercooked, and left me with a general taste of displeasure and straight up boredom.

Dune is best as a book, and this only proves that point more. The movie ends when things are getting interesting, so sad I have to wait for part 2, or possibly never if the movie doesn't do well?

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