Unedited Footage of a Bear

Unedited Footage of a Bear ★★★★★

If you think your symptoms are in control, you haven't tried Claridryl™.”


A Lynchian commentary on substance abuse and black box anti-depressants that constructs more intelligent horror in 11 minutes than most movies do in 90-120.  

Substance abuse literally takes over your life, occupying more of your physical and mental energies than those who matter the most to you (the empty prescription boxes in the back seat of the van, and the children desperately calling after their mother at the playground), becoming a constant and brutal battle within yourself (Donna’s doppelgänger beating her and stealing the van.) But Donna dragging herself home is a sign that she at least recognizes the need to be there for her family, in spite of the physical and emotional wounds her addiction has left her. It’s a recognition that people with mental illnesses and addiction are constantly fighting just to get by every day, and a call to stop the stigma against addicts for being “lazy” or “losers.” When I turned on this video I didn’t expect to see a smart and terrifying allegory for mental illness and substance abuse, but here we are, and it’s remarkable.  

There’s also some great footage of a bear!

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