Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★

“When did you start worrying about our balls, Daddy?”

“Operation Sweet Death” me, baby. We go from toxic laboratory disaster to guns blazing hostage rescue to infected zombie children to recycled cannibal exploitation footage in the span of 40 minutes. Impressive. The blue faced zombies are some of the dumbest ever put to screen. The actors have that unique Mattei style of overacting that is almost, almost a treat to watch. The film spends way too much time in the jungle, apparently as an excuse to pad the film with New Guinea stock footage. When our anti-heroes finally make their way to Hope Center in the final 15 minutes, there’s a peek at what this should have been—with the ominous corridors and now-superhuman zombies that can push your eyeballs out of your sockets from within.

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