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  • Blood Feast
  • Color Me Blood Red
  • Bloody Pit of Horror
  • A Bucket of Blood

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  • Lake of Dracula


  • Dracula A.D. 1972


  • Night Owl


  • House on the Edge of the Park


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  • The Bloodstained Butterfly

    The Bloodstained Butterfly


    "Art beyond status.” 

    Gorgeous, mud soaked, rain-on-the-windows giallo. Bloody switchblades. Prostitutes around a bonfire. Wide-eyed grief sex. Exquisite cinematography in the vein of The Fifth Cord. A wonderful opening introducing the cast of characters is the first sign to the viewer to pay close attention; these names and faces will matter. There are layers upon layers of motivation here (lust, class, pride, age) that warrant deeper analysis. The highest praise I can give this film is that I could immediately run it back and enjoy it just as much, if not, more.

    ➡️ Italians Do It Better: Giallo Ranked

  • The Case of the Bloody Iris

    The Case of the Bloody Iris


    "You’ve got to have a nude in there somewhere."

    The weather is getting warmer where I live, so apparently that means...I'm back on my giallo bullshit. Revisiting some of my favorites and a few that fell flat upon first watch. This is the former. A pure giallo. Gloves (tan, not black). Quirky police detectives (a dunce and a stamp collector). Bruno Nicolai score. Shameless Edwige in tearaway clothes.

    Giuliano Carnimeo is better known for his Sartana series of spaghetti westerns,…

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  • Lake of Dracula

    Lake of Dracula


    “I plan to write about the theme of women’s latent terror.”

    Let’s scare Akiko to death. Dracula arrives in a pallet on the back of a truck. Love this one. My favorite of the Bloodthirsty Trilogy. Little girl and her dog are haunted by the glimpse of a vampire girl at a piano and a snarling, amber-eyed Dracula. Eighteen years later she’s an artist, living in a house by the autumn lake, painting surreal eyeball pictures beamed from her subconscious,…

  • Dracula A.D. 1972

    Dracula A.D. 1972


    “Peace, man.”

    In the midst of life, we are in death, etc. Credits bursting forth over the image of a 70s passenger jet, double decker buses and the London Steak House. One-hundred years ago to the day Dracula and Van Helsing died in a wagon wheel duel and today his great granddaughter and her hippie friends play Black Mass with a Dracula acolyte (with Caroline Munroe getting blood poured all over her heaving bosom while lying on a sacrificial slab…

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  • The Birds

    The Birds


    “Are the birds gonna eat us, mommy?”

    Daddy’s girl meets momma’s boy. Practical joker and naked fountain jumper-into Melanie Daniels, down bad, follows a square jawed man she briefly met in San Francisco to his family’s Bodega Bay house to give him a pair of love birds in an elaborate, horny prank.

    The sound design of the birds is what creeped me out the most as a kid, and is still probably the “scariest” thing about the film. I would…

  • The Raven

    The Raven


    “He looks up, and sees a knife flashing.”

    Pit and the Pendulum-adjacent. This is maybe underrated? Sure, it doesn’t have as much gothic atmosphere as the other films in the Universal Pictures Poe trilogy, but it does have Lugosi at his most reprehensible as a misogynistic, Poe-obsessed weirdo, out to steal your girl. Karloff as Bateman, a half-wit criminal that needs a new face, is a tragic creep. The screaming and/or fainting women get annoying, but I can forgive and…